Graduate Civil Engineer, Melbourne

Working for AECOM presents so many opportunities to be involved in a wide range of interesting projects. Each day I am collaborating with amazing people who are experts across many different industries. Being part of a global organisation means that we get to contribute to some of the most inspiring – and challenging – projects.
One of my most engaging projects was coordinating an inspection of a dis-used tunnel running under a major freeway in central Melbourne. The tunnel was next to a petrol station and we were aware of contamination leaching into the structure. I had to develop an inspection methodology and enter the tunnel with the support of a specialist team with oxygen masks and rescue equipment ready in the case of any emergency. Luckily we were able to carry out the inspection without incident, but it was a thrilling experience being in such a hazardous environment!
The Growing Professional Skills (GPS) program gave me a great introduction to the company and allowed me to network with other graduates from around the Australia and New Zealand. I’ve also been involved with the Young Professionals committee here in Melbourne, helping to organise internal and external networking events, site visits and other development opportunities for junior team members. I’ve formed strong relationships with people outside my immediate team, from other organisations and the wider industry. I’m excited about the way my career is developing and am confident in a bright future with the company!